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Oriental Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

75 min/ € 95

Hot Stones have been used for millennia to ease out tired aching muscles. The heated volcanic basalt stones are renowned for holding the heat so once they are warmed they become an amazing tool in the treatment of muscle tension and pain. They are also said to hold healing qualities which is why the ancient tribes would use them in every treatment they carried out.

This treatment involved both manual massage techniques and massage with the heated stones. The stones allow the therapist to work deeper into the muscle fibres without it being as painful as a deep tissue massage but you are still getting the same benefits. It allow the muscles to relax into their natural resting position allowing free movement, less pain and better flexibility in that area.

The benefits of Hot Stone Massage:  

 - Deep relaxation, the warmth relaxes both physically and mentally

- The heat from the stones is transferred to the body by conduction and it may

   reach down to 3cm into the muscle, deeply relaxing the muscle.

- Stress is reduced, relieving mental and physical fatigue

- Circulation is improved and muscles have an increased blood supply,

   improving function

- Toxins and waste are eliminated more quickly

- The warmth can relieve pain in muscles and joints

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