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The health and safety of my clients is – and always will be – my number one priority. 
I want to reassure you that I am closely following the guidance and procedures of the World Health Organisation and the Irish Health Services Executive (HSE) regarding Covid-19. 
Prior to returning to work, I completed online training in line with my return to work safety protocol to include enhanced Covid-19 awareness and certification of standard precaution: hand hygiene. 
To help keep you safe, I am implementing the following changes to policy until further notice: 
-    Solo appointment only. All clients must arrive alone to their appointment.
-    Non-essential touching like hand shaking will be refrained from.
-    covid-19 declaration form will be required to complete and sign. 
-    All treatment room surfaces (massage table, oil bottle, stool, table, chair) and contact surfaces in the space like door

      handles and light switches (entrance/treatment room/bathroom) are sanitised after each client. 
-    Decor is simplified for sanitation purposes.  Waiting area is closed. 
-    PVC cover on the massage bed is sanitised after each client and put a fresh disposable sheet for each client.
-    Towels and blankets are freshly laundered, and are changed between every client. 
-    Mask will be required to enter the building and to wear during the session. I will be wearing a mask/face shield to

     protect my clients and myself as well. If you won't have a mask, I will provide one for you. If you arrive wearing gloves, I

     kindly request that you remove the gloves before entry as gloves may be contaminated with respiratory droplets from

     touching your nose or face
-    I wash my hands before as well as after every treatment, after touching spoiled linens or any contact surfaces
-    I will be provided a container for your clothes and possessions which will be sterilised between appointments.  (please

     bring minimal belongings)
-    Treatment room will be cleaned and sanitised after each client.
-    Ventilate the therapy room and reception area as often as possible by opening doors and windows to circulate fresh

-    I placed signs about respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette and hand wash routine. 
-    If possible, process the payment and re-booking for the next session before the session or using an online payment

     and booking system.
-    Preferred payment online or by card. Card reader will be disinfected before and after the use.
-    24 hours before your appointment you will receive a text reminder.
-    Please to be aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 and reschedule or cancel your session if you have symptoms, have

      been in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms or have had contact with a person known to be positive for Covid-

     19. I offer greater flexibility with cancellation policies (12 hours prior the appointment) in order not to deter clients from

     cancelling if they feel unwell.
-    I will self-monitor for the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 every day. I will take my temperature before the workday

     and then again in the afternoon.

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