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Tara House (above TC Barber)

Dean's Grange Road


Blackrock, co. Dublin 

Pregnancy Massage

40min/ €40,(back or legs)

75min/€70 (full body)


The purpose of massage for pregnant women to reduce the swelling, tension and pain in the spine, neck, shoulder girdle and lower limbs. The pain associated with the change of the center of gravity due to the growth of the unborn child. Massage increases skin elasticity and prevents the formation of cellulite and stretch marks, as well as facilitate a return to pre-pregnancy figure.

Regular massage during pregnancy helps you to relax and reduce fatigue, relieve pain, especially of the spine. Massage is done in a sitting position, half sitting or lying on its side. Pregnancy massage is designed for pregnant women above the first trimester (three months), in whom pregnancy is proceeding correctly, and after consultation with the doctor is no objection to this procedure.